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The historic market town of Melksham in beautiful rural Wiltshire is thriving with a growing population and plenty of new development going on.

This is great news for the local economy, and also means that the residents and commercial enterprises of Melksham need help with removing all their waste and unwanted items – all sorts of things that can’t take the regular route to landfill, from broken furniture and scrap metal to construction site rubble.

The answer, of course, is to Skip It! As a leading independent waste collection and recycling company based in nearby Westbury, Skip It can deliver a skip of a size to accommodate all your rubbish and whisk it away again as soon as you’ve filled it.

Not only does this solve the problem of how to dispose of your rubbish in Melksham, but it will leave you with the “feel good” factor because all your unwanted waste and junk comes straight to our Waste Material Transfer Facility, where it is expertly sorted and graded before being sent for recycling. Only the barest minimum usually has to go to landfill. When you use the services of Skip It you are helping us to save the planet by recycling as much as possible, including plastic which is such a scourge in the oceans.

Using a skip in Melksham is a very cost-effective way of managing your waste if you’re having a domestic clear-out, doing a building project, pruning the garden or running a local business that generates large amounts of trash. We have skips of various sizes, from minis to fit into your driveway up to industrial sized behemoths that are 20 feet long and eight feet high. You only pay the appropriate fee for the size skip you hire, for as long as you keep it. There are no minimum terms applicable, so if you order a skip for a week and fill it in a day, you’ll only pay for the time up until we take it away.

We are a family run business and put customer service at the forefront of our work ethic. We live in the local Wiltshire area and pride ourselves in being known around Melksham not just for our eye-catching green and black skip lorries but also for our friendly yet professional attitude to dealing with our clients.

We like to feel we are making a difference in the Melksham community by keeping things tidy, green and clean with our efficient and reliable waste management services.

If you find yourself in Melksham with a load of trash to move, whether it be a little or a lot, get in touch and we’ll give you a free, no-obligation quotation after ascertaining what size skip will best suit your purposes. We can also happily negotiate a reasonably priced contract if you are a builder or running a local business that needs regular reliable waste removal in Melksham.

At Skip It Recycling, we have a full range of skips to suit all waste removal requirements.

  • a householder looking to declutter your home & garage or remove garden waste
  • a building firm looking for a reliable service to help transport waste aggregates
  • a commercial organisation in need of a professional waste disposal partner

…we can help!

Get in touch with us today to find out what can and can’t be added to our skips.  Whenever possible, we aim to deliver our skips either on the same or very next day.  Hire duration is flexible to suit your individual requirements.  We understand that sometimes you may require the skip removed in a timely fashion – we will endeavor to work within your particular timescales whenever possible.

If you think that we might have trouble delivering to your location due to narrow access or parking restrictions, please contact us by phone and we’ll be happy to discuss which suitable options may be available.  We are also able to arrange permits from local authorities.

We hire skips from mini 2 yard skips right up to industrial sized roll on/roll off skips.  Call us to discuss your specific needs and we will be able to recommend the right size for you.  Alternatively, take a look at our guide below:

2 Yard Mini

2 Yard Mini

This type of skip is commonly known as a ‘mini skip’ it is designed for general household, garden and builders’ waste.  Ideal for small domestic jobs.

Dimensions: 2-yard skip are: 5ft (1.52m) long x 4ft (1.22m) wide x 3ft (0.91m) high.

4 Yard Small

4 Yard Small

A 4 yard small skip is perfect if you live in the centre of town. Its size makes it a convenient choice for placing in a street or on a small driveway.

One thing to note is, it is small but our truck will still require a good amount of room to be able to manoeuvre it into place.

Dimensions: 4-yard skip are: 7ft (2.13m) Long x 5ft (1.52m) Wide x 3ft (0.91m) High

6 Yard Midi

6 Yard Midi

A 6 yard skip is probably the most common type. This is a builders skip and is used by a large majority of construction workers to dispose of rubble and  general building materials.

Dimensions: 6-yard skip are: 10ft (2.29m) Long x 5ft (1.52m) Wide x 4ft (1.07m) High

8 Yard Medium

8 Yard Medium

This type of skip is best suited for clear outs of properties and major renovations. All types of commercial, industrial and domestic use. Ideal for builders’ rubble, soil and concrete.

Dimensions: 8-yard Medium are: 12ft (3.66m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 4.5ft (1.37m) High

10 Yard Large

10 Yard Large

An extremely versatile skip this size can be used in commercial and domestic jobs. Remember you can’t dispose of hazardous materials in skips e.g. asbestos gas cylinders, chemicals, paints and fluorescents tubes. If you are any doubt please call us for advice.

Approx. Dimensions: 12ft (3.66m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 6ft (1.83m) High

12 Yard Maxi

12 Yard Maxi

This skip is only for commercial work. They can be used for large domestic projects. It is possible to fit a large amount of waste like Metal, Wood and plastics. This skip is not suitable for soil, rubble or concrete as it would be far too heavy for the lorry to lift. It is also know that a large amount of councils will not allow this type of skip variation to be placed on a public highway so it’s always best to check with our local authority to make sure you have required permissions.

Dimensions: 13ft (3.96m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 6.5ft (1.98m) High

Roll On/Roll Off Industrial

Roll On/Roll Off Industrial

Roll on Roll Off skips are for large industrial projects. The Retails sector, manufacturer sites and large volume construction operations all use these skip types. Their larger capacity save on travel costs. We can provide regular collection so please get in touch with us.

Range from Dimensions: 20ft (6.10m) Long x 8ft (2.44m) Wide x 4ft (1.07m) High up to Dimensions: 20ft (2.29m) Long x 8ft (1.52m) Wide x 8.5ft (1.07m) High

Please get in touch with us today to discuss your waste removal needs and ask us for a free, no obligation competitive quotation.

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