Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling metal helps to reduce pollution, save resources, reduce waste going to landfill sites and prevent the environmental damage caused by mining new ore. Scrap metal is also a valuable resource, allowing the creation of new products for a fraction of the cost of extracting new ore from the ground, so at Skip It Recycling we have a responsibility to ensure we recycle and reuse as much of the scrap metal we receive as possible.

From our head office in Westbury, we supply scrap metal recycling services to the local area, including Warminster, Trowbridge and many other areas across Wiltshire. As a family owned business with a history in waste recycling our customers find us reliable and friendly so call us today on 01373 827949 to book a skip or fill in our contact form below.

Both ferrous and nonferrous metals can be cleaned, melted down and recycled.

Aluminium Scrap

Scrap aluminium can be recycled forever as it’s able to be melted and reformed with no loss of quality. The aluminium is recycled into drink cans, aerosols, foil trays for ready meals, bottle tops, and many other products. The entire process from scrap to shelf can take as little as 6 weeks and uses approximately 95% less energy than creating new aluminium from virgin ore.

Copper Scrap

Copper is another scrap metal that can be recycled again and again with no loss of quality. According to the International Copper Study Group (ICSG), about 50% of the copper used in Europe comes from recycling and gets turned back into high-tech products, electrical installations, engines, solar systems and smart buildings among many other products, using approximately 85% less energy than creating new copper from virgin ore. At Skip It Recycling we accept all copper containing waste from, for example, unwanted electrical and electronic products, copper taps and plumbing pipes, electrical cables.

Iron and Steel Scrap

Steel is another metal that can be endlessly recycled without its material qualities being compromised. Scrap steel is an important raw material for the steel industry and is estimated to use 60% less energy than creating it from virgin ore. Tin cans are actually mostly steel and just coated with tin.

Brass and Bronze Scrap

The vast majority of brass products created in the UK use recycled brass as their principal ingredient. Making brass from just new copper and zinc is simply uneconomical and a waste of the raw materials available. If you want to get rid of old brass taps, locks, piping, etc, then we can accept it for recycling purposes.

When waste is collected from a customer, it is taken to our Waste Material Transfer Facility. Here, the waste is separated and sorted into different grades of material types – anything which can be recycled or reused is processed accordingly. The minimum amount of non-recyclable materials are then sent to landfill. While landfill has historically had a role to play in waste management, it is now the last resort in terms of disposing of waste materials as it has such a devastating impact on the environment.

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